About Me

chrisI am a professional in the Information Technology field who is in the process of transitioning to academic research and teaching.

Since 2007, I have served as Information Technology Coordinator for the College of Education at Louisiana Tech University. There I have combined extensive professional knowledge with an independent and creative nature to solve a variety of issues. During the course of my professional work there, I have been influenced in many ways that have given me the interests I have today.

After years of focusing on work, I decided in 2013 to push ahead with my graduate-level education in Information Security and Assurance at Norwich University. Here, thanks to influence from my coworkers at Louisiana Tech, I have developed significant research interests in the social and behavioral influences in security. Particularly, I am interested in insider behavior and how to predict patterns in and mitigate poor security behaviors.

Upon completion of my M.S., I hope to begin full-time pursuit of a Ph.D. in Information Science, with particular research interests in information systems security law/policy, human-computer interaction, and the psychology of computing. I am currently awaiting admission decisions from three universities.

Following the conclusion of my Ph.D., my hope is to return to Louisiana Tech University as an interdisciplinary faculty member, bridging the gaps between Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, and Education through university service, teaching, and research.