A Better Way to ADA

I was recently approached with an ADA accommodation request from a student for a few of our classes. The request stemmed around a need to have live video streamed from the instructor’s computer to the student’s laptop in real-time.

This is, surprisingly, the first time I’ve received a request for such an accommodation. But, that’s not really the point in discussing it here.

Interestingly, conversation with this student revealed that they’ve been at several universities in the past who have provided this accommodation, and, in every case, they used VNC, RDP, or even videoconferencing software (like Adobe Connect or Skype) to provide the video feed to the student’s laptop. This isn’t a very user-friendly solution, and is rather ironic considering its point is supposed to be making education more accessible.

It seems like there should be a better way to handle the need for streaming video to students…

Are you pondering what I’m pondering???

Feature Image: Woodard Hall, Louisiana Tech University; My work (though you may occasionally see it used by the University).

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