The Fine Print

This blog, is my own personal blog, paid for with my own personal money and contributed to on my own time. As such, any statements I make are not necessarily reflective of the views of Louisiana Tech University or any other organization with which I am affiliated.

Because it is my personal blog, the topics you find here will be varied. One day, I may post about something heady and academic, and the next I may post photos of cats. That’s my prerogative.

While I welcome discourse and opposing views, because it is my personal blog, it is not a democracy. There are rules, though they shouldn’t be too tedious unless you have a problem existing in polite society.

  1. Be courteous to others. I like my society society polite, and because of that I have friends from all across the ideological spectrum.  If you want to disagree with me or anyone else on an opinion, that’s fine; just make sure you are respectful about it. Trolling behavior, ad hominem attacks, and flame wars will win you a ban.
  2. Be appropriate with content. While I doubt many young children are going to want to read about Information Security management and policy, psychology, and the occasional ramblings about how politics is off-the-rails, I do prefer to keep the tone no worse than PG. Avoid excessive profanity, especially strong profanity, and don’t post pornography.
  3. Be respectful of intellectual property. Sharing information is an extremely important part of discourse, however you cannot share other people’s property. If you use an image, provide an attribution. If you cite a statement, provide a link to the source and attribution.