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Clinical Residency Research Institute Website
This project was undertaken as an exercise in meeting two needs with one effort. The initial need arose when the Clinical Residency Research Center in the College of Education launched a first version of the site using Weebly. This site required some enhancement, so I was given the task. The redesigned site was also used a design project for CECS 5110. Though I am no longer actively involved in the maintenance of the site, it continues to be used by the CRRC as its primary website.
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Personal Website and Online Portfolio
This was undertaken as the fourth version of my personal website, specifically with the intent of converting it into a portfolio to meet the requirements of the University of North Texas Department of Learning Technologies requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy program. This particular version of the site is built on the WordPress content management system, and utilizes a customized theme.
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Monster in the Library
An interactive story, Monster in the Library was developed as a project for LTEC 6210. The story follows a young boy named Frankie who is tasked with helping to solve the mysterious ransacking of his school library. During the course of the story, the reader is allowed to make decisions that affect the outcome and must complete instructional tasks that promote information and library literacy.
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