Education and Training History

Ph.D., Learning Technologies – University of North Texas

CECS 5210 Instructional Systems Design
CECS 6000 Philosophy of Educational Computing
CECS 6010 Theories of Instructional Technology
CECS 6511 Analysis of Research in Learning Technologies
CECS 6020 AdvancedĀ  Instructional Design
CECS 6512 Analysis of Qualitative Research in Learning Technologies
CECS 5110 Multimedia in Technology Application
CECS 6510 Introduction to Research in Learning Technologies
CECS 6600 Developing Funding Opportunities in Learning Technologies
LTEC 6210 Interactive Multimedia Theory and Design
LTEC 6250 Learning Technology Systems Design and Management
LTEC 6040 Theory and Practice of Distributed Learning
LTEC 6260 Creating Technology-Based Learning Environments
LTEC 6515 Scaling Methods
LTEC 6516 Computer-Mediated Discourse Analysis
LTEC 6030 Emerging Technologies and Education
LTEC 6230 Advanced Production Design for Learning Technologies

Certificate, Higher Education Administration – Louisiana Tech University

EDLE 733 Higher Education Governance and Administration
EDLE 735 Human Resources and Student Services
EDLE 732 Institutional Effectiveness and Fiscal Management
LECL 705 Decision-Making/ School Improvement and Accountability

M.S., Information Security and Assurance – Norwich University

GI 512 Foundations and Historical Underpinnings of Information Assurance
GI 522 Information Assurance Technology
GI 532 Human Factors and Managing Risk
GI 542 Information Assurance Management and Analytics
GB 544 Project Management Techniques
GB 554 Project Management Leadership

B.S., Computer Science – Louisiana Tech University

ART 125 Drawing
BISC 101 Fundamentals of Biology I
BLAW 255 Legal Environment of Business
CHEM 100 General Chemistry I
CHEM 101 General Chemistry II
CHEM 103 General Chemistry Lab
CSC 100 Overview of Computer Science
CSC 120 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSC 220 Data Structures
CSC 230 Software Design
CSC 240 Introduction to Concurrent Programming
CSC 251 Computer Organization & Assembly Language
CSC 269 DigitalĀ  Design Lab
CSC 310 Theory of Computing
CSC 325 Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms
CSC 330 Programming Languages
CSC 345 Operating Systems
CSC 364 Computer Architecture
CSC 404 Senior Capstone
CSC 450 Computer Networks
CSC 475 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 490C Applied Computing Project
ECON 215 Fundamentals of Economics
ELEN 223 Electrical Circuits II
ELEN 232 Introduction to Digital Design
ELEN 243 Computer Programming
ELEN 242 Introduction to Microprocessors
ELEN 311 Introduction to Electric & Magnetic Fields
ELEN 335 Analog Electronics
ENGL 101 Freshman Composition I
ENGL 102 Freshman Composition II
ENGL 202 Introduction to American Literature
ENGL 303 Technical Writing
ENGL 463 Scientific/ Technical Presentations
ENGR 120 Engineering Problem Solving I
ENGR 121 Engineering Problem Solving II
ENGR 122 Engineering Problem Solving III
ENGR 221 Electrical Engineering & Circuits I
FREN 101 Elementary French I
FREN 102 Elementary French II
FREN 201 Intermediate French I
FREN 202 Intermediate French II
FREN 304 Survey of French Literature I
FREN 305 Survey of French Literature II
FREN 308 French Civilization
HIST 202 History of the US: 1877-Present
MATH 101 College Algebra
MATH 240 Mathematics for Engineering and Science I
MATH 241 Mathematics for Engineering and Science II
MATH 242 Mathematics for Engineering and Science III
MATH 243 Mathematics for Engineering and Science IV
MATH 311 Discrete Mathematics
MUGN 290 Music Appreciation
PHYS 201 General Physics I
PHYS 202 General Physics II
PHYS 261 General Physics Laboratory I
PHYS 262 General Physics Laboratory II
PSYC 102 General Psychology
SOC 201 Principles & Elements of Sociology
SOC 420 Treatment of Offenders
STAT 405 Statistical Methods
UNIV 100 University Seminar

Life-Long Learning

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AXELOS ITIL Foundation #GR750418054CC
Microsoft Microsoft Certified Educator #F367-0598
Microsoft Microsoft Office Specialist #wMVXo-FMR8
Microsoft Microsoft Technology Associate #F368-5509

Quality Matters Training

QM Coordinator Training 9/22/2018
QM Rubric Update Sixth Edition 1/30/2019