ThinkTank filled with students
The ThinkTank
The ThinkTank is a technology-enhanced active-learning (TEAL) environment in the Louisiana Tech University College of Education inspired by the SCALE-UP and TEAL classrooms originating at North Carolina State University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The concept at Louisiana Tech innovates on this concept by providing each group pod with a multi-user, multi-touch display that can facilitate interactivity not only using personal devices, but at the display itself. Moreover, the room was designed for multiple use cases and included modular furniture that can be rearranged to fit instructional needs. Originally conceived as a group collaboration space, the room has come to be used heavily for STEM teacher preparation (UTeachTech) and instructional technology courses.
IVS VALT in use
Clinical Video Observation and Feedback System
This project was launched in response to the needs of Louisiana Tech’s Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program. American Psychological Association (APA) requirements mandate that student clinicians be supervised. In our environment video recordings have long been used to provide such supervision; however, previous systems were based on repurposed security video recorders and were difficult to use for monitoring and feedback. After looking at several alternatives, the video system was replaced with the video audio learning tool (VALT) system developed by Intelligent Video Solutions to meet the needs of clinical training environments. This system allows user-friendly recording and review of clinical sessions and supports the use of metadata to make commentary and provide feedback on recorded session. This system inspired my article on best practices in video-based supervision and feedback.
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IVS VALT in use
Moodle Theme Replacement
Louisiana Tech University has used the Moodlerooms-developed Express theme since transitioning from Blackboard to Moodle in 2010. With this theme at end of life, I was tasked with leadership of the initiative to migrate the campus to an updated theme. This is an ongoing,  multi-faceted project drawing upon my experience in research, system administration, and  instructional design. On the research side, considerable effort has been undertaken to research the usability and accessibility of candidate themes. On the instructional design side, significant effort was put into the creation of training materials for faculty, including a course introducing the new theme.